Want to Make Your Own Back Up?

From Ryan (squirrel2038@gmail.com) at the time of the last comments on the original Archdruid Report.

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The archive's files are hosted in this GitHub repository, https://www.github.com/squirrel2038/thearchdruidreport-archive.

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In principle, anyone with enough technical know-how can also run my script. See the README in the GitHub repo. Once this Blogger site goes down, the script can instead use a "web_cache" archive containing raw HTTP responses. web_cache is located in the Google Drive folder above. Aside from the desktop site, web_cache also contains mobile pages, as well as Atom XML and Blogger JSON files for each post and for all comments.

I also briefly looked at copying posts+comments into a new Blogger blog. A Blogger mirror would presumably be easier to maintain than a static site. On the other hand, the archive I have now doesn't rely on Blogger or even on the Internet, and it preserves the #c<COMMENT-ID> URL fragments in comment permalinks. Given an old hyperlink to a blog comment, it's possible to find the comment in the new archive by merely changing the URL's domain. When I imported XML into Blogger, all the comment IDs changed.

Maybe it'd be nice to have a better domain name, but it would cost more. As far as I know, the thearchdruidreport-archive.200605.xyz site can stay up indefinitely.

If anyone wants to discuss the archive, I can be reached at squirrel2038@gmail.com.