Comments for After the Prosthetic Society

Mark said...
Delighted to see you Blogging, Michael. I've enjoyed your other articles on the web greatly. I look forward to reading your new ones here.
5/19/06, 10:43 AM
 SamuraiArtGuy said...
Revising... or rather binge reading... old posts It's interesting to see the arc of society evolving much as you've projected. I was caught by an irony note - that as of this writing - June 2015 - the Palm Pilot has already dived into the dustbin of history.

While this trend continues unabated, till the energy to power it runs out, or grows too costly to further it.

YouTube: "Humans Need Not Apply"
Attention White-Collar Workers: The Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs
6/5/15, 10:33 AM