Comments for Blame it on Gilgamesh

Puma said...
First Joe Bageant, and now you. Thank you for your thought-provoking point of view.
9/8/06, 1:15 PM
 Arabella said...
Not surprisingly, in the three years since this was posted, the link to Hartmann's essay has changed, but it's still there at:

(I've been so impressed with your posts of the past many months, I decided to go back and read from the beginning. All I can say is "Wow, JMG!")
11/1/09, 4:36 PM
 Steve said...
Hello JMG. I'm ditto to Arabella's comment. I'm going back and reading all your blog, and am currently reading "The Long Descent". (also Stars Reach)

I've lived in Ashland since 1962... Sorry I missed you while you were here.

6/5/11, 10:18 AM
 GuRan said...
Ditto again.

I haven't commented much lately, but look forward to the new article each week. I've just started reading all the earlier posts.

Incidentially, Archdruid Greer, your paper on catabolic collapse was were I discovered you. I was, and remain, impressed.

4/19/12, 5:05 AM