Comments for The Butlerian Future

Bruce The Druid said...
"Medieval European scholars and savants practiced mental disciplines such as the art of memory, which allowed a trained person to accurately store and recall prodigious amounts of data, and the Lullian art, an algebra of concepts used to process information."

I would be very interest in learning more about this. I have always read about the memories of the ancient druids, but very little in the way of technique. Would you be able to give some pointers on where to begin my search?

Also I struck out looking up Lullian. Guess the internet is not as expansive as I thought.
9/15/11, 8:50 PM
 pg said...
Most intriguing!

I wonder whether you consider Tony Buzan's mind-mapping techniques useful.

The reference to Lull is to Ramon Llull? How wonderful that he's remembered outside of Catalunya.

9/21/11, 10:31 PM