Comments for Conspiracy Theories

Suki said...
First of all, what a splendid post! We quoted and linked to it on Mandalation.

I am also fascinated by the minds who think on conspiracy. It takes a lot of work and imagination to think it up! Neptune--in the symbolic language of astrology--rules conspiracy, spirituality, prison, self-delusion, alcohol and movies...and forms a hard aspect in the U.S.A.'s chart--meaning there's way too much of all that stuff here in the states.
Nutritionists might tell you that one's pb&j is really connected with one's accomplishments in life: junk food like that will make you lethargic and depressed--and probably prone to make up fantasy stories about invisible lizard men to blame your life upon.
6/20/06, 12:03 PM
 Tlachtga said...
This is in part why I'm cautious about "conspiracies". To think that everything is secretly manipulated by some cabal does make it easy to shirk any responsibility.

I do, to some extent, think that there is a wealthy elite. But that's just how capitalism works. They aren't in shadows, and there's nothing mysterious or secretive about how they do business--all you have to do is read the Wall Street Journal or any paper's business section. It's no conspiracy.

And that's the important thing--when you realize it's not a conspiracy, then you realize that you have the power to change things, even if it's only your own spending habits, like your example of the sweatshops.

Anyway, I like your blog; it's (unfortunately) unique that a Druid is writing on current, important issues.

--Mary Jones
6/21/06, 8:43 AM
 Mark said...
Great post. One thing extra about conspiracy theories and those that enthuse about them is that they make the beliver feel special in that they see the real situation while the rest of us haplessly continue with our lives. It plays into the "chosen people" syndrome, which is another compensation for choosing a belief system like this, apart from having someone to blame for the world's ills. You also get to think that you are "special" and have an uncommon insight into things. You can see evidence of this among some in the Peak Oil community. Usually those who are peddling doom rather than solutions.

This post leads nicely into your following one "nothing like us ever was" in that respect. Americans arguably have this chosen people motif in their national mythology, although the same could be said of any country that has had an empire at some stage.

Personally I like the "Hanlon's Razor" explanation "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" with the less sneering "ignorance" in the place of "stupidity".
7/5/06, 1:52 PM
 Suki said...
When I worked as a secretary in NYC real estate, I saw the secret cabal at work. It wasn't so secret: a bunch of fat white-haired men sitting around a conference table making million-dollar decisions that would affect an entire neighborhood. All whites, no women. It was actually kind of weird to look at.

What I really love is people who are afraid of Rex Mundi. A friend of mine asked me if I believed in him once. I said no, but even if he existed, I wouldn't want to poke him with a stick until he noticed me and came after me, would I?
7/11/06, 8:03 AM