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rg said...

your paper on catabolic collapse and other things you've written are most helpful to those of us who have read them and are trying to figure out how to get ready for what's to come.

the small number of comments here prompts me to say that i hope you will keep blogging. i'm confident that your blog will come to be widely read, and deservedly so.

- rg
5/28/06, 11:32 AM
 John Michael Greer said...

Many thanks for the encouragement! Most of my projects have taken a while to find an audience; I'm used to that by now, so expect a post here every week for the foreseeable future.

5/29/06, 9:49 PM
 DougG said...

I can relate to this theme of trying to fit everything into one story. I have been studying and planning for 6 years now to make my Peak Oil preparations. I have been trying to make those preparations in baby steps in order to allow my wife to become acclimated to the life changes that will be necessary as the energy crisis unfolds. (She is generally change-phobic.) However, some steps, by definition, must be pretty big: putting off having kids for a few years so we can buy land for a homestead that is outside of major metropolitan areas; using our savings to make improvements to the land or build outbuildings, and now, selling our suburban house before the housing bubble collapses and renting locally in order to keep and be able to invest the paper gains we have made in the last 6 years. Every major step that I try to make is met with her anger and resentment that her life is not playing out according to her preferred story.
That story is the prototypical "American Dream" that Kunstler has talked about on several occasions: Us and our (future) 2 kids living in a 4000+ sq ft suburban mcmansion house while I make megabucks at the big corporation in the city while she stays home and raises the kids.
Just about every time I start discussing plans for the homestead property with anyone, she gets mad because she is reminded that she's not going to live that "American Dream" storyline.
6/5/06, 10:55 AM
 Leon said...
Sure. Stories = patterns (as they're known in permaculture and some other disciplines)... If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like .. you know :)

Really enjoyed reading this post, thank you!
12/19/12, 2:20 PM
 Rebecca White said...
RG, the prescient.
11/13/16, 10:36 PM